This series investigates the concept of perception.

‘Insight’ explores the paradox of how a group of people, when confronted with the same image, may all see something completely different.

In this work I explore the cognitive processes that one must undergo in order to understand an image and how this is dependent on the factor of ‘knowledge’.

I gave each of these photographs to a friend and asked them to write down a list of things that came to mind – directly linking it to the knowledge they had acquired during their studies. For this experiment I ensured that I collected information from a range of areas to study, including the Sciences, the Humanities and the Arts.

Participants and their University Majors:

Katie Bibby; Mathematics

Jack Cox; Physics

Sam Chrisp; Geography

Claire de Lencquesaing; History of Art

Annie Lake; English


Image with annotations from interviews


Image with annotations from Interviews


Image with annotations from Interviews


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