Domestic Documents

Techno-Realism Creative Writing

Challenging institutionalised knowledge-based systems prescribing ‘acceptable’ global citizenship standards.


I am an Edinburgh based artist who is in her 3rd year of study of the Fine Art MA at the University of Edinburgh.

My work conveys biographic experiences through the lens of gender, sexuality and identity.

Through the assimilation of visual imagery and sound, I explore the stigmatisation surrounding mental health, prescribed gender roles and the digital phenomenon of the booming variety of ‘alternative’ lifestyles. I have termed this development as ‘techno-realism’.

I record my queries and observations through the written format of ‘Domestic Documents’.

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A Melody

‘A Melody’ riffs on the idea of these once busy spaces, now completely displaced, empty and almost a thing of nostalgia. The imagery contrasts with the urban bustle to represent my own strange experience of having to leave Edinburgh and return to my incredibly quite, countryside life back at home.

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Therapy of Europa 

A work influenced by Titian’s ‘Rape of Europa’. Throughout Titian’s mythological painting’s there is a repetitive theme of Jupiter raping multiple women and these women, as a result, fall victim to either suicide, murder at the hand of the jealous Minerva or punishment through the forms of banishment or cruel metamorphosis. Listen to ‘Therapy of Europa’ Soundpiece HERE 

Titian, The Rape of Europa, 1560-62

In the work ‘Therapy of Europa’ I try to provide a contemporary safe-space of therapy for these women of mythology to heal from their trauma. The work ends with a sense of hopefulness – that these women will continue throughout their life with a sense of understanding and hope for the future, replacing the cruel ends many of them where subjected to.

– 29th April 2020 

Benediction Body Scrub

In my artistic practice I explore areas of knowledge that are characterised by their lack of discussion. My work reflects upon the aspects of our lives that we are taught not to think about or openly question. In this ‘Domestic Document’ I utilise the mediums of writing, photography, music and spoken word.

‘Benediction Body Scrub’ is a research project focusing on the fluctuant nature of identity, gender and our own negotiations of understanding when contemplating own-experiences, imagined scenarios and mental health. I address the universal, though unspoken, understanding of mental health. We are familiar of our own struggle but cannot comprehend that of others. Therefore, the discussion remains silent and we are forced to compartmentalise these feelings and hide them. This paradoxically being through the universal taught act of seeking sanctuary within the familiar, comforting domestic realm – often simultaneously promoting the notion of solitude.

Listen to ‘Benediction Body Scrub’ Soundpiece HERE

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[Exhibition: WhiteSpace Gallery, Edinburgh]

[Review for Exhibition HERE]

[Interview for Exhibition HERE] 

-13th March 2020



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