Show Time!

It’s All Part of The Experience ‘Ooooh get it for the insta!’ – too many people at art exhibitions [including myself], 2019. The factor of the ‘Experience’, within the contemporary context, is a priority when it comes to the notion of ‘the spectacle’. Let’s be honest, one does not simply go to an exhibition anymoreContinue reading “Show Time!”

Big Brother murdered JODI

MAD World Net Art and Post-Internet Art are our Neo-Fatalist topics for today! I won’t deny it, when I had my first lecture on Globalisation Theory and the Art Market I was beyond overwhelmed. To keep with the technological theme, one could say my brain had a meltdown and crashed spectacularily. During my first lectureContinue reading “Big Brother murdered JODI”

A Confrontation!

  We march and gather to demand a change; a change in mindset and policies to save our planet for future generations! The rhythmic chant of ‘HeyHo, Climate Change has got to go!’ verberated feverishly around me as I scurried through the crowd – my camera knocking against my side. The march, having started asContinue reading “A Confrontation!”

Macaroni with a side of Brexit

Satire The role of satire within society has always interested me, mostly because, as anyone who is close to me will know, I have a slight obsession with propaganda and the artwork that comes along with it. Through my seemingly compulsive and slightly obsessive research into satire’s function within society, one can not help butContinue reading “Macaroni with a side of Brexit”

Why I love Insular Art

Interlace, It’s a Complicated Story… In my previous post I explained how Insular manuscripts were used as a vessel for the Word, as the Word became embodied in image. I am hoping that in this post, and  in the posts to follow, I will be able to shine a light on this often overlooked periodContinue reading “Why I love Insular Art”

What is Insular Art?

A Rough Outline What is Insular Art? The very question I asked myself when turning up to my first Art History lecture at Edinburgh University. Before my first year of studying Art History, (which I finished last week – success) I was very much stuck in the Vsari dictated mindset of believing that Art HistoryContinue reading “What is Insular Art?”

Modern Artist or Visual Politician? – Dada (part 6)

Conclusion The pieces which I have previously analysed are obviously politically triggered. However, the question which I have been exploring throughout this blog series is, does the artist who produces the politically based artwork act as a visual politician or as a social critic? If acting as the latter, I would have to conclude thatContinue reading “Modern Artist or Visual Politician? – Dada (part 6)”

Modern Artist or Visual Politician?- Dada (part 5)

Analysis of ‘Cut with the kitchen knife Dada through the last Epoch of Weimar Beer-Belly Culture in Germany’ by Hannah Höch  Last summer I was lucky enough to visit Berlin with my family, who I am still having to apologise to after turning our 4 day family holiday into an intense gallery hunt, as IContinue reading “Modern Artist or Visual Politician?- Dada (part 5)”

Modern Artist or Visual Politician? – Dada (part 4)

Analysis of ‘Dada Ernst’ by Hannah Höch Höch, Hannah. Dada-Ernst. 1920. Photomontage. The Israel Museum, Jerusalem.[1] In my blog post, ‘Modern Artist or Visual Politician- Dada (part 2)’, I discussed how an artist is able to adapt similar characteristics to that of a politician when cultivating a piece of political artwork that evokes the audienceContinue reading “Modern Artist or Visual Politician? – Dada (part 4)”

Modern Artist or Visual Politician? – Dada (part 3)

  Analysis of ‘Da-Dandy’ by Hannah Höch  Höch, Hannah, Da-Dandy. 1919. Photomontage. Private Collection, Berlin Hannah Höch was a Dada artist, who is famous for her feminist based photomontages, which she used to draw the public’s eye to the problem of mis-representation of women in the media. Höch worked as a designer of sewing patternsContinue reading “Modern Artist or Visual Politician? – Dada (part 3)”